Have you see the latest legendary card released by Supercell in the game Clash Royale? If not, better check it out! Its name is Royal Ghost, a 3 elixir legendary card that can vanish once deployed and it will appear when there’s an enemy that it can attack which are ground troops as he is a melee troop.  The Royal Ghost is also sturdy and does splash damage to enemy troops, it can one hit a goblin gang and can tank a tower and really hit hard, although not as heavy as mini pekka and Pekka. Again do not defend weak troops against this undead or ghostly creature as they will be one hit easily, a knight or giant to lure this monster away from your crown tower is the best way to defend or counter this sneaky card like bandit.

There are other new cards being released in the past few weeks and they are also unique on its own and really make the game more interesting because of the introduction of new cards where you can create awesome combos that your enemy can never imagine. Even there are lot of changes, new chests available, new game features which makes getting new cards easier as they have daily quests and other quests that every active member can accomplished. They will be rewarded by different kind of chests from time to time which is really helpful to earn more gold and gems as they are still very important to the game so that you can compete with other pro players who are buying tons of gems to max out their cards as you have noticed in some arenas their cards are already max out which seems to be impossible if you are not purchasing any gems.

That’s how important that you also find alternatives to get free gems for clash royale without the need to borrow your mom or dad’s credit card as it is really addictive and you might over limit their card because of the prices of gems that would costs you around $100 for the 14000 mountain of gems and another $100 for the 100,000 gold. Not to mention every now and then, they run a promo where you can purchase the ultimate champion draft chest for around $25 – $30 which is way affordable compared to the regular prices of gems and gold in the store. I hope those tips are enough for you to maximize the use of gems and gold and hopefully you can build a powerful deck from these resources.

If you are the type of gamer who analyze and observe what is happening in the gaming industry, I’m sure you have noticed the great improvements for this year.  One of the greatest announcement for the gaming consoles section is the released of
Nintendo Switch which is an awesome gaming console that can be used indoor and outdoor as it can utilized an HDTV or can be stand-alone handheld console with 2 gamepads.

There’s also the Virtual Reality headgears/headsets that is widely used all around the globe. There are many games that is based on virtual reality and I can say this new gaming experience is really great and I’m hoping for more outstanding improvement in the next coming years.

We can also see that the main key players in the gaming industry continuously update their flagship consoles. The Xbox, PS4, Nintendo, and even gaming manufacturers for Desktop such as ASUS ROG, MSI gaming, Acer Predator, Corsair, Razer, and many more keeps on developing hardware from gaming keyboards, gaming laptop, gaming notebook, gaming mouse and headset, gaming chairs and much more.

The gaming platform for smartphone also leveled up a lot. The newly introduced smartphones in the market are powerful enough to handle these hungry resource games and thanks to the growing competition of these tech giants, the price for gadgets are becoming much lower now compared to the last decade.

How about you guys? what do you expect to improve or to be introduce by next year? do you have insights what’s the latest technology for gaming? are we seeing some futuristic holograms or similar? If you have information about this, feel free to contact us and we will do our best to add your sharing in this blog article and further improve the content by adding valuable sources, links, and news.

The best online MMORPG simulation game is no other than – The Sims FreePlay by EA games. This game is a real-time online simulation game available for various smart gaming devices such as iOS, Android, WebOS, Windows Phone, Kindle Fire, and even BlackBerry, all of these for everyone to enjoy these wonderful game for free! Yes this game is to free play, but there are in-game items that can be bought to allow you to further customise and see extreme potential of the game. Here’s what can you expect when you play the game:

Create More Characters

As far as I know you can create multiple characters or sims in the game. The number you can create depends on the progress you have made throughout the start. There’s also another option if the game doesn’t allow you unlock a slot for your new character. That is by using Lifestyle Points (LP) these can be bought together with Simoleons using real cash. These are very important in the game, and if you will tap this power-ups, you can experience significant boost to the games. You can check this Sims FreePlay Simoleons Hack tool if you are really serious with the game. If you want to determine your sims population/character limit, just click the people icon at the upper portion of your screen.

Create More Houses to Design

You can create several sims, therefore you can also build more houses for them. You need to work hard inside the game by applying to jobs to get the in-game money for you to be able to purchase furnitures, and items that your character need to survive in the game.

Luxuries in Life

Aside from owning a bunch of houses, you will also have a chance to buy your dream cars, and live in a luxurious life. You can have a party with other sims player in the game, have some pets, pool party, and much more in the game

At this point of writing, the game was already downloaded 100 million times in Google PlayStore alone, and I’m not sure how many iOS and other devices users have downloaded this game. The Sims FreePlay game also have a 4.2 overall rating which is fairly high. The game just got a Halloween update last month and they keep releasing new features in the game and bug fixes, so that will be able to play the game the smoothest possible.

In this article, I would point out gaming peripherals that every true gamer must have on their arsenal. If you think gaming is all about the consoles itself and the hardware specs of the system that runs your game, then I must say you’ve not seen or experience a new-level of gaming experience if you don’t know this stuff.

To start with the must have gaming peripherals. The fist thing you must have is a gaming headphones. Headphones are the best gaming accessories you can buy, as you can use this if you are planning to play long hours during the middle of night. You don’t want to disturb your siblings or parents while gaming overnight.

The second gaming gadgets that I suggest is you must have a wireless gamepad/game controller. This can be use on majority of smartphones and desktop/laptop computers as long as you have Bluetooth connection. Playing games tangled free is slick and I would love to play long hours without the annoying cables in front of you. Plus gaming controllers also have the freedom wherein you can play your games while laying your back in a couch or bed 10meters away from the HDTV. Sounds cool isn’t?

The third and fourth gaming peripherals that a truly gamer should posses are gaming mouse and gaming keyboard. To be specific, these are mouse with sturdy clickers such as OMRON switches and mechanical switches for the Keyboard such as cherry MX red, brown, or even black. There are lots of mech keyboards you can choose from, there are lit version, compact, and full keys with additional buttons which are programmable if you want to give your enemies multiple combos by clicking a single button. Sounds awesome right?

Lastly, you won’t enjoy gaming without having a huge gaming monitor it could be an IPS monitor with a refresh rate of 144Hz or above. 3D monitors are not too popular nowadays,compared to the past few years having TN panels with 120Hz refresh rate specially brands such as Samsung, LG. I’m not sure though why they have discontinued this kind of monitor. Majority of the monitors I’ve seen for gaming these days are curved IPS panels. So that’s it. If you have some gaming peripherals suggestions, just shoot me an email!


Planning to do an upgrade with your gaming experience? whether to build a gaming PC or buy a gaming console? well if you are still undecided. Then here are some pointers you can read to help you decide with your buying needs.

Gaming PC

Gaming PC or gaming desktops are fully customizable, from processor, to ram, up to the gaming peripherals such as mouse, keyboard, headset can be chosen from a wide variety of products from different manufacturers. Aside from that it is also not disposable like laptops or notebooks, because when a specific hardware fails, you can simply replace this part with an updated part unless of course if its compatible/supported by your motherboard. Sky is the limit for this kind of set-up as long as you have the money to spend, then you can definitely build a powerful one that can play any game that you wish.

With a $800-$1000, you can buy a decent gaming with specs such as 8th gen intel with i5 processor, 8GB DDR4 memory, 256GB SSD, an IPS monitor, mechanical keyboard, and gaming mouse. You can just add disk space or memory in the future.

Gaming Console

For gaming consoles, there are also lots of choice such as PlayStation 4 Pro, PlayStation Slim, Xbox One S, Nintendo Switch and more. These consoles ranges from $300 – $500 and it still depends on your preference as every gaming consoles have their own unique features. I prefer Nintendo Switch if you are on-the-go gamer, or if you like interactive games then Xbox console is best for you. Gaming consoles can be purchased with different settings or configurations such as having larger disk space, added features, and more.

I guess this short article enlighten you which one you would choose, if you’d ask me I’ll definitely choose to build a gaming PC. You can go to a local store near you and ask for a quotation, just let them know which particular games you would like to play, and your estimate budget. For sure they can give you multiple options that you can choose from. Happy shopping!

Layla Hero Mobile Legends

No doubt Mobile Legends is the best MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) games in Google PlayStore and Apple Appstore. This game has more than 50million downloads with an average rating of 4.4. Its gameplay and graphics is very similar to popular Garena game  League of Legends that’s the reason why many gamers are enjoying this particular game.

If you have played DOTA in the past where you control a single Hero along side with a bunch of creeps with the common goal to destroy 3 towers on each lane (top, bottom, and mid) then going directly to the enemy base and destroying the center tower . This game is 5v5 MOBA game and initially the game is experiencing too much lag specially when the players participating are coming from different countries, but thanks to their awesome game developers the lag was reduced significantly and now you can play the game without any issues at all. But again network issues might cause lag if your internet connection speed is slow or if your device is not fully capable of running the game for a certain settings such as ultra high settings where it needs powerful GPU and lots of memory for it to run the game smoothly.

The Mobile Legends is free to play but there are in-game items such as diamonds that you can buy to increase the speed of your progress and also for you to buy the good-looking skins or what you call avatar on other games. These will give you additional bonus stats and perks that is really beneficial to the game. You can buy diamonds for as cheap as $2 up to $50 in real money. If money is not a problem then it is really worth-it specially the magnificent skins with stunning effects in game will make your enemy just say wow! look at that skin, I wish I could also buy one lol, but if you don’t have the money to spend then I suggest you check this working Mobile Legends Diamond Hack to get free diamonds and battle points you can use to purchase additional heroes.

As of today, there are already 45 unique heroes in the game, where Lancelot is the latest addition to the game with awesome set of skills such as Soul Cutter (Passive – dealing additional 20% damage every 10 seconds), next is Puncture where he will charge directly to the enemy with 100 damage and leaving a mark after hitting, if the enemy was not etched with the 2nd skill the skill will be automatically refresh again meaning you can still use it again. The second skill is Thorned Rose damaging 250 hitpoints to the enemies with maximum strikes of 3 meaning it needs to be tap like Hilda’s 2nd skill then the enemy will be slowed by 70%. His ultimate is Phantom execution where he will charge and after a few seconds he will charge directly to the enemy and he is invincible while charging that can deal up to 400 physical damage in enemies (meaning it can hit not just one enemy).

Mobile Legends always have an update and they fix bugs and technical issues. They also rework heroes that seems to be imbalance and sometimes changes/improve the appearance of the heroes. Their support was really awesome and they are very open to ideas that can improve the game itself. Download Mobile Legends now and enjoy the game!

When buying a new mobile device for gaming, you should determine first how much is your budget, next is what particular games you will going to play? and finally what other thing you would like to achieve when buying such device such as you want a device that has a huge battery capacity? or a smartphone that has a good camera? or a huge display? those are the few of the many things that you might want to consider.

Nowadays you can buy a mid-range smartphone that can play majority of the high demanding games in Google PlayStore and App Store for as low as $120 – $170!! yes you read it correctly, a good example of the popular and best-selling phones under this price range comes from the brands Xiaomi, Oppo, Vivo, Asus, Huawei and these phones are really premium made having specs such as Snapdragon octa-core processors, 2GB – 3GB of RAM, 5″-5.5″ full hd displays, and battery capacities ranging from 3000-4100mAh.

Again if you are shopping for a smartphone meant for gaming, I personally advice to get an octa-core device with a huge battery capacity so that you can enjoy long hours of playtime. I also recommend Snapdragon processors which are battery efficient compared to its competitors. Lastly, you would definitely want to choose 3GB ram device as games of today consumes more than 1GB of ram during actual gaming plus the other apps running in the background will also consume a lot of RAM and it would affect the gaming performance if these are consumed like 90%.

The particular manufacturers that I’ve mentioned above offer affordable smartphones that is enough for your requirements. I don’t suggest buying expensive smartphones from other brands as I’ve personally tried them in the past and if you are really practical and want to save hundreds of dollars that you can use to spend buying microSD cards, gamepads, or decent headphones then follow my advice.

Right now those are the reputable and trusted brands that I know, if you think there are other brand names worth mentioning just shoot me an email and I will definitely add them on this article.

gaming with mobile devices

A few years ago, console gaming such as Xbox, Play Station, and Nintendo are the ones favorable by hard-core gamers. The reason behind this is because of the awesome graphics, story line, and the number of triple-A game titles available for purchase worldwide. Nowadays, gaming already evolved and there are lots of new players in the gaming industry such as using a dedicated gaming desktop computer or gaming notebook from popular brands such as MSI, Asus, Razer, Acer Predator, Alienware, etc. There are also new players in gaming consoles such as the Steam gaming console, plus the continuous growth of development of powerful octa-core mobile devices such as tablet and smartphones that brings mobile gaming to a whole different level.

Smartphones that are being released in the market these days are almost equipped with minimum hexa-core processors and majority are already octa-core powered by Snapdragon processors and some MTK variants. In addition, they are also powered by powerful GPU to be able to run 3D games without experiencing any delay or lag during gameplay. Thanks to the advancement of technology as smartphones now are almost integrated with atleast 2GB or 3GB of memory and up to 4GB to some flagship devices.

I was able to get my hands on some mid range smartphones from brands like Samsung, Xiaomi, Oppo, Huawei and I was really satisfied with the performance of these handsets and I was able to play MOBA (massive online battle arena) types of games such as the most popular Mobile Legends, Heroes Evolved, and I was able to play even some role playing games like Lineage and many more.

One of the latest games that I’ve seen that has a huge improvement in terms of graphics are the first-person shooting games, racing games, and role playing games. I also want to add the latest NBA 2k18 in smartphone and tablet that indeed had a huge makeover in terms of graphics and the crowd itself. I guess the era of gaming consoles are not that great compared to what we have right now as many hard core gamers opt to build a custom gaming rig because they can customize the system on their needs and depending on their budget, while users who have tight budget choose to buy a decent android phone to play.

I would like to hear your thoughts about this particular topic if what do you personally prefer, whether gaming consoles, mobile devices, or custom build desktop system? be sure to comment down below and happy gaming.