Have you see the latest legendary card released by Supercell in the game Clash Royale? If not, better check it out! Its name is Royal Ghost, a 3 elixir legendary card that can vanish once deployed and it will appear when there’s an enemy that it can attack which are ground troops as he is a melee troop.  The Royal Ghost is also sturdy and does splash damage to enemy troops, it can one hit a goblin gang and can tank a tower and really hit hard, although not as heavy as mini pekka and Pekka. Again do not defend weak troops against this undead or ghostly creature as they will be one hit easily, a knight or giant to lure this monster away from your crown tower is the best way to defend or counter this sneaky card like bandit.

There are other new cards being released in the past few weeks and they are also unique on its own and really make the game more interesting because of the introduction of new cards where you can create awesome combos that your enemy can never imagine. Even there are lot of changes, new chests available, new game features which makes getting new cards easier as they have daily quests and other quests that every active member can accomplished. They will be rewarded by different kind of chests from time to time which is really helpful to earn more gold and gems as they are still very important to the game so that you can compete with other pro players who are buying tons of gems to max out their cards as you have noticed in some arenas their cards are already max out which seems to be impossible if you are not purchasing any gems.

That’s how important that you also find alternatives to get free gems for clash royale without the need to borrow your mom or dad’s credit card as it is really addictive and you might over limit their card because of the prices of gems that would costs you around $100 for the 14000 mountain of gems and another $100 for the 100,000 gold. Not to mention every now and then, they run a promo where you can purchase the ultimate champion draft chest for around $25 – $30 which is way affordable compared to the regular prices of gems and gold in the store. I hope those tips are enough for you to maximize the use of gems and gold and hopefully you can build a powerful deck from these resources.