Planning to do an upgrade with your gaming experience? whether to build a gaming PC or buy a gaming console? well if you are still undecided. Then here are some pointers you can read to help you decide with your buying needs.

Gaming PC

Gaming PC or gaming desktops are fully customizable, from processor, to ram, up to the gaming peripherals such as mouse, keyboard, headset can be chosen from a wide variety of products from different manufacturers. Aside from that it is also not disposable like laptops or notebooks, because when a specific hardware fails, you can simply replace this part with an updated part unless of course if its compatible/supported by your motherboard. Sky is the limit for this kind of set-up as long as you have the money to spend, then you can definitely build a powerful one that can play any game that you wish.

With a $800-$1000, you can buy a decent gaming with specs such as 8th gen intel with i5 processor, 8GB DDR4 memory, 256GB SSD, an IPS monitor, mechanical keyboard, and gaming mouse. You can just add disk space or memory in the future.

Gaming Console

For gaming consoles, there are also lots of choice such as PlayStation 4 Pro, PlayStation Slim, Xbox One S, Nintendo Switch and more. These consoles ranges from $300 – $500 and it still depends on your preference as every gaming consoles have their own unique features. I prefer Nintendo Switch if you are on-the-go gamer, or if you like interactive games then Xbox console is best for you. Gaming consoles can be purchased with different settings or configurations such as having larger disk space, added features, and more.

I guess this short article enlighten you which one you would choose, if you’d ask me I’ll definitely choose to build a gaming PC. You can go to a local store near you and ask for a quotation, just let them know which particular games you would like to play, and your estimate budget. For sure they can give you multiple options that you can choose from. Happy shopping!