When buying a new mobile device for gaming, you should determine first how much is your budget, next is what particular games you will going to play? and finally what other thing you would like to achieve when buying such device such as you want a device that has a huge battery capacity? or a smartphone that has a good camera? or a huge display? those are the few of the many things that you might want to consider.

Nowadays you can buy a mid-range smartphone that can play majority of the high demanding games in Google PlayStore and App Store for as low as $120 – $170!! yes you read it correctly, a good example of the popular and best-selling phones under this price range comes from the brands Xiaomi, Oppo, Vivo, Asus, Huawei and these phones are really premium made having specs such as Snapdragon octa-core processors, 2GB – 3GB of RAM, 5″-5.5″ full hd displays, and battery capacities ranging from 3000-4100mAh.

Again if you are shopping for a smartphone meant for gaming, I personally advice to get an octa-core device with a huge battery capacity so that you can enjoy long hours of playtime. I also recommend Snapdragon processors which are battery efficient compared to its competitors. Lastly, you would definitely want to choose 3GB ram device as games of today consumes more than 1GB of ram during actual gaming plus the other apps running in the background will also consume a lot of RAM and it would affect the gaming performance if these are consumed like 90%.

The particular manufacturers that I’ve mentioned above offer affordable smartphones that is enough for your requirements. I don’t suggest buying expensive smartphones from other brands as I’ve personally tried them in the past and if you are really practical and want to save hundreds of dollars that you can use to spend buying microSD cards, gamepads, or decent headphones then follow my advice.

Right now those are the reputable and trusted brands that I know, if you think there are other brand names worth mentioning just shoot me an email and I will definitely add them on this article.