The best online MMORPG simulation game is no other than – The Sims FreePlay by EA games. This game is a real-time online simulation game available for various smart gaming devices such as iOS, Android, WebOS, Windows Phone, Kindle Fire, and even BlackBerry, all of these for everyone to enjoy these wonderful game for free! Yes this game is to free play, but there are in-game items that can be bought to allow you to further customise and see extreme potential of the game. Here’s what can you expect when you play the game:

Create More Characters

As far as I know you can create multiple characters or sims in the game. The number you can create depends on the progress you have made throughout the start. There’s also another option if the game doesn’t allow you unlock a slot for your new character. That is by using Lifestyle Points (LP) these can be bought together with Simoleons using real cash. These are very important in the game, and if you will tap this power-ups, you can experience significant boost to the games. You can check this Sims FreePlay Simoleons Hack tool if you are really serious with the game. If you want to determine your sims population/character limit, just click the people icon at the upper portion of your screen.

Create More Houses to Design

You can create several sims, therefore you can also build more houses for them. You need to work hard inside the game by applying to jobs to get the in-game money for you to be able to purchase furnitures, and items that your character need to survive in the game.

Luxuries in Life

Aside from owning a bunch of houses, you will also have a chance to buy your dream cars, and live in a luxurious life. You can have a party with other sims player in the game, have some pets, pool party, and much more in the game

At this point of writing, the game was already downloaded 100 million times in Google PlayStore alone, and I’m not sure how many iOS and other devices users have downloaded this game. The Sims FreePlay game also have a 4.2 overall rating which is fairly high. The game just got a Halloween update last month and they keep releasing new features in the game and bug fixes, so that will be able to play the game the smoothest possible.