In this article, I would point out gaming peripherals that every true gamer must have on their arsenal. If you think gaming is all about the consoles itself and the hardware specs of the system that runs your game, then I must say you’ve not seen or experience a new-level of gaming experience if you don’t know this stuff.

To start with the must have gaming peripherals. The fist thing you must have is a gaming headphones. Headphones are the best gaming accessories you can buy, as you can use this if you are planning to play long hours during the middle of night. You don’t want to disturb your siblings or parents while gaming overnight.

The second gaming gadgets that I suggest is you must have a wireless gamepad/game controller. This can be use on majority of smartphones and desktop/laptop computers as long as you have Bluetooth connection. Playing games tangled free is slick and I would love to play long hours without the annoying cables in front of you. Plus gaming controllers also have the freedom wherein you can play your games while laying your back in a couch or bed 10meters away from the HDTV. Sounds cool isn’t?

The third and fourth gaming peripherals that a truly gamer should posses are gaming mouse and gaming keyboard. To be specific, these are mouse with sturdy clickers such as OMRON switches and mechanical switches for the Keyboard such as cherry MX red, brown, or even black. There are lots of mech keyboards you can choose from, there are lit version, compact, and full keys with additional buttons which are programmable if you want to give your enemies multiple combos by clicking a single button. Sounds awesome right?

Lastly, you won’t enjoy gaming without having a huge gaming monitor it could be an IPS monitor with a refresh rate of 144Hz or above. 3D monitors are not too popular nowadays,compared to the past few years having TN panels with 120Hz refresh rate specially brands such as Samsung, LG. I’m not sure though why they have discontinued this kind of monitor. Majority of the monitors I’ve seen for gaming these days are curved IPS panels. So that’s it. If you have some gaming peripherals suggestions, just shoot me an email!

gaming with mobile devices

A few years ago, console gaming such as Xbox, Play Station, and Nintendo are the ones favorable by hard-core gamers. The reason behind this is because of the awesome graphics, story line, and the number of triple-A game titles available for purchase worldwide. Nowadays, gaming already evolved and there are lots of new players in the gaming industry such as using a dedicated gaming desktop computer or gaming notebook from popular brands such as MSI, Asus, Razer, Acer Predator, Alienware, etc. There are also new players in gaming consoles such as the Steam gaming console, plus the continuous growth of development of powerful octa-core mobile devices such as tablet and smartphones that brings mobile gaming to a whole different level.

Smartphones that are being released in the market these days are almost equipped with minimum hexa-core processors and majority are already octa-core powered by Snapdragon processors and some MTK variants. In addition, they are also powered by powerful GPU to be able to run 3D games without experiencing any delay or lag during gameplay. Thanks to the advancement of technology as smartphones now are almost integrated with atleast 2GB or 3GB of memory and up to 4GB to some flagship devices.

I was able to get my hands on some mid range smartphones from brands like Samsung, Xiaomi, Oppo, Huawei and I was really satisfied with the performance of these handsets and I was able to play MOBA (massive online battle arena) types of games such as the most popular Mobile Legends, Heroes Evolved, and I was able to play even some role playing games like Lineage and many more.

One of the latest games that I’ve seen that has a huge improvement in terms of graphics are the first-person shooting games, racing games, and role playing games. I also want to add the latest NBA 2k18 in smartphone and tablet that indeed had a huge makeover in terms of graphics and the crowd itself. I guess the era of gaming consoles are not that great compared to what we have right now as many hard core gamers opt to build a custom gaming rig because they can customize the system on their needs and depending on their budget, while users who have tight budget choose to buy a decent android phone to play.

I would like to hear your thoughts about this particular topic if what do you personally prefer, whether gaming consoles, mobile devices, or custom build desktop system? be sure to comment down below and happy gaming.